SA Mint - Nocturnal Hunters Collection - The Leopard Coin 2014

Natura Series – Growing the wildlife family

First introduced in 1994, The‘Natura Series’ was developed to celebrate and pay tribute to South Africa’s diverse wildlife. Coinciding with South Africa’s 20 year anniversary of democracy, the ‘Natura Series’ now its twenty first year has become SA Mint’s most sought after collectible coin, winning numerous international awards.

Over the years, a portion of the proceeds has been ploughed back into conservation to preserve endangered species. With the launch of the latest coin in the Natura Series, SA Mint has partnered with the Cape Leopard Trust, who have been instrumental in preserving the leopard’s last stronghold in the Western Cape.

The Leopard is the first coin in the Nocturnal Hunter collection launched by the SA Mint. The unique Launch Set was unveiled in Cape Town on the 30th September and comprises four unique depictions capturing various postures and moments from the Leopard’s Life.


  • R100 (1oz) – Leopard silhouette on stylised branches under the moon
  • R50 (1/2oz) – Pair of mating leopards
  • R20 (1/4oz) – A leopard dragging its prey up a tree
  • R10 (1/10oz) – Pair of curious Leopard cubs
  • Obverse – a portrait of a snarling leopard


Listed below are the past collections that make up the Natura Series.






1994-1998 Big Five Lion, Leopard, Rhino, Elephant, Buffalo
1999-2001 Monarchs of Africa Kudu
2002-2004 Wild Cats of Africa Caracal, Lion, Cheetah
2005-2008 Giants of Africa Elephant, Eland, Giraffe, Hippo
2009-2010 Safari through South Africa White Rhino, Black Rhino
2011-2013 Nature’s Family Meerkat, Wild Dog, Zebra Still in circulation
2014- Nocturnal Hunters Leopard 1oz,

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